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My Saturday!

Well, weekends are supposed to be for resting, but I woke up with that nesting feeling! So the kitchen got a blitzing! I have never felt so satisfied before when cleaning, I would’ve continued around the house but we ‘had’ to go in town, so off we went and bought various items including a mop (I know, how exciting am I that a mop is the only thing I mention? Well I got a bucket too!).

I feel like I’ve walked around the whole of the city, so now I’m trying to relax and watch some TV, and all I can think about is what I can blitz next! The nesting stage has well and truly settled in – does this mean the baby is on it’s way?

On another note we were hoping to move the toddler into a ‘big boy’ bed today, but when dear hubby came to building the thing – the bolts and stuff were all wrong and it couldn’t be done. We have to wait now for the right bolts to arrive – so hopefully by next weekend we’ll have a bed for him and we’ll be attempting the move! Anyone got any tips?


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