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The Nautilus has landed!

I have been selected as a tester for the new GRACO Nautilus Carseat (Group 1-2-3), you will be able to follow my families’ journey with it here, twitter and more!

Once upon a time there was a family of four, they were selected to try out a carseat and it all began when a big box was delivered! It was like Christmas had come early – Mummy was excited at the prospect of a new item to test, Daddy was geared up to set about fitting his new ‘gadget’ and the two year old was soooo excited about his new chair that had a space for his drink!!! The baby was not so bothered by the whole thing, drifting in and out of sleep – well she is only 12 weeks old so can be excused!

So the package was opened and the delightful looking chair was revealed, Mummy’s first thought was that it was big, but actually the term should of been grown up! It is no bigger in bulkiness than the group 1 chair already used and this one covers group 1, 2 and 3 (It goes form 9 months old to 12 years!). It just looked more like a seat than a baby chair!

The two year old is very impressed and can’t wait to get it in the car to use!

Look out soon for a blog about fitting and our first journey with it!!!


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Looking back over the last two and a bit weeks, there’s no wonder I’m tired! Here’s a brief diary of what’s happened!

22nd March – Due Date for the arrival of our 2nd bundle of joy, no movement, so on with the prep for 1st child’s birthday tomorrow!

23rd March – A second birthday! Lots of excitement, presents, chocolate and energy! Nanny visited and entertained the birthday boy while me, hubby and the bump visited the hospital – they’ve booked me in to be induced on the 30th March

24th March – Had a couple of hours rest while hubby and son went out – bliss!

26th March – The birth of my beautiful daughter at 21.01 weighing 7lb5 after a day of being assessed and waiting!

27th March – Allowed home from hospital, how scary – after my son was born I was in hospital for four days, so was a bit anxious about being let out so quick, luckily hubby and mum were on hand to help!

28th, 29th, 30th March – Visitors, Visitors and Visitors

31st – Had more visitors, who took us out for lunch, which was nice. It is also our 3rd Wedding Anniversary, didn’t do much anniversary wise – but had a lovely pizza for tea and watched a film!

1st April – …….and rest

2nd April – lots of visitors including two nephews, 1 4yo 1 2yo – mayhem!

and now…………….I’m starting to feel half human again and am slowly getting back to doing everyday things, so in between nappy changes, feeding the baby, entertaining the toddler, receiving phone calls and visitors, I’ve managed to get back on the internet….blog, twitter and facebook – here I come!!

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