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There is nothing we like more in our house than a challenge and if it was to include one of my son’s favourite toys – even better!

So thanks to the competition over on the Who’s the Mummy? blog we were able to get out the MEGA bloks and have some fun!

The first stage is always to empty out the bag of bloks all over the floor, I am sure this is one of my son’s favourite parts of construction!

So with his 5 month old sister (Mouse) and Daddy observing, and me with the camera in one hand, the masterpiece began…..

There was a very clear aim right from the start of what we were going to be building

Legs, our two year old son is very focused when playing with his Mega Bloks, he is not happy until his mission is complete, the concentration is clear on his face!

Not sure he was that happy about the camera attention!

Can you see what it is yet?

and it’s complete……………….

Legs showing us how to use the creation

A final couple of adjustments and the creation is complete – A perfect chair for construction play!!


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