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Tiredness hurts


The day starts early, I rise from Bed

Eyelids are heavy, There’s pain in my head


My eyes are stinging, My legs are lead

My arms are aching, Not sure what I’ve said


The Brain’s not working, Kids are not fed

Try to start walking, I stumble instead


Ears are ringing, My cheeks are red

Not sure what to do, Best go back to bed!!




© Kelly Brett 2010



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Another Thursday Morning when……..
…..I want to still be in bed at 7.30 but was up at 6!
…..The bin needs putting out but I don’t want to go outside in the rain
…..I made a cup of tea, but by the time I was ‘allowed’ to drink it, it was cold
…..Timmy the sheep seems intent on being held in my arms while I try and do other things (after being forced there by toddler)
…..When offered two choices toddler picked watching Teletubbies!

Roll on Friday

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