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Daisychain Baby Baffle

On Wednesday 3rd November 2010, online eco-friendly kids store DaisychainBaby.co.uk will be hosting their 2nd birthday baffle in honour of The Children’s Trust.

The event, to take place at London’s Museum of Childhood from 6-9pm, is set to be a fun & FREE evening as the DCB team celebrate two years of trading and raise funds for their chosen charity partners. Join them for champagne, nibblies, the chance to win some great prizes at the raffle, networking, and to see the DaisychainBaby.co.uk collection at heavily discounted prices (10% of all sales made on the night will also go to The Children’s Trust).

For an invitation to their party, please email Lins Drabwell – lins@daisychainbaby.co.uk – and she’ll pop you onto the guest list 🙂


Poem – Tiredness hurts

Tiredness hurts


The day starts early, I rise from Bed

Eyelids are heavy, There’s pain in my head


My eyes are stinging, My legs are lead

My arms are aching, Not sure what I’ve said


The Brain’s not working, Kids are not fed

Try to start walking, I stumble instead


Ears are ringing, My cheeks are red

Not sure what to do, Best go back to bed!!




© Kelly Brett 2010


Sod’s Law!

When you are a parent some things happen that can only be described as Sod’s Law, so here is a short list of Mummy and Daddy annoyances!

  1. Children only get really ill when the doctors is shut!
  2. A child who normally sleeps through anything will wake at the sound of the second child crying in the night, meaning you have to deal with two at the same time!
  3. The morning your child/ren sleep in till 9, you are wide awake at 5.30am
  4. The only drinks that get knocked over are dark coloured ones – light coloured non-staining ones are perfectly safe!
  5. You child will love the one TV programme you really really dislike!
  6. The children are up all night the one night you really need to sleep because you are up early for a meeting/presentation/important appointment
  7. You get an invite to the super duper ‘should not be missed’ party the one day you can no way get a babysitter!
  8. Your child/ren will inevitably want what they can’t have – the sandwich feeling you don’t have in, the Zingzillas when it’s not on, sleep when you are visiting people!
  9. The only toy they will want to play at 5 in the morning is the drums!
  10. The moment you get a moment to yourself, there is that much to do you don’t know where to start, and by the time you get going the children are back/awake/needing attention etc…….

MEGA Bloks – MEGA Fun!

There is nothing we like more in our house than a challenge and if it was to include one of my son’s favourite toys – even better!

So thanks to the competition over on the Who’s the Mummy? blog we were able to get out the MEGA bloks and have some fun!

The first stage is always to empty out the bag of bloks all over the floor, I am sure this is one of my son’s favourite parts of construction!

So with his 5 month old sister (Mouse) and Daddy observing, and me with the camera in one hand, the masterpiece began…..

There was a very clear aim right from the start of what we were going to be building

Legs, our two year old son is very focused when playing with his Mega Bloks, he is not happy until his mission is complete, the concentration is clear on his face!

Not sure he was that happy about the camera attention!

Can you see what it is yet?

and it’s complete……………….

Legs showing us how to use the creation

A final couple of adjustments and the creation is complete – A perfect chair for construction play!!

Maria Divine – Pendant

Just had to show off the pretty little pendant I won this week from the lovely Maria Divine!I can’t wait to wear it, so nice to receive a treat for me!

It arrived all nicely packaged and a wonderful little card, I was so chuffed to have won it – after a few weeks of very little sleep due to teething, colds and much more, it was a great ‘cheer me up’!

I am not sure what to place it on to wear, it is a gorgeous pink heart, with small pink crystal! My initial thought was ribbon, but I got into what thickness, colour, length, so may consider the ‘easy’ option of a chain!

So come on, help me please, What do you think I should go for chain or ribbon, let me know by commenting below!

Maria’s Blog is here

Dedicated to @findenlake on Twitter. He requested 3 poems, on asking what topics he gave despair, change and Kitchen Roll – well I hope this one poem will do!

This goes out to you Pat (sausage)!!

Despair in the Kitchen

Everyday I despair
My mood hits the ground
I get so very sad
At what I have found

Why is change so hard for me
Why can I not cope
It’s only one less sheet
I don’t have any hope

I need to learn to accept
That this is it’s goal
I bought it to be used
It’s just kitchen roll